The aim of Be My Best resilience training

The overall aim of our resilience training is to equip you with the skills you need in order to thrive in life. With this skill set, you will develop the capacity to think about your own thinking, challenge your negative thinking patterns and recognise your belief systems that limit you. You will learn how to proactively maintain your sense of wellbeing and build the life you want through a series of realistic, achievable steps.


Be My Best resilience training is a structured approach, and includes a Skills Builder Progress Record for each module. You will be able to use this to see how you are progressing as you develop your new resilience skills, and will be able to use the Skills Builder content to revise them whenever you need to, even when you’ve finished the training course.

Learning in a relaxed environment

Be My Best resilience training is currently delivered through remote learning. 


Training course workshops consist of small groups of young people of a similar age. The training is delivered online by highly experienced psychologists, who are resilience specialists. Resilience skills are developed by participants being taught the relevant theory, being given the opportunity to reflect, taking part in group discussions and role-plays. The learning is designed to be structured, experiential, fun and engaging. The course of workshops consists of ten sessions, each of which lasts 1.5 hours.​

What you will learn from Be My Best Resilience Training

Course Modules:

Learn to recognise your emotions and the short-term behaviours they push you into

It is very easy to get stuck inside your emotional brain, particularly under pressure.  The result is stress, which as well as being unpleasant, can impede your ability to think logically and can cause you to react impulsively rather than behave effectively.  Crisis survival skills are short-term solutions that get your stress levels down so you can think logically when you are in a tight corner. The aim of crisis survival skills is to avoid getting stuck so you can move on and implement your long-term coping strategies.


Learn to recognise your unhelpful coping patterns

Our coping mechanisms are learnt through what is communicated to us, both verbally and non-verbally, during our formative years. Some of these are helpful and some of these are unhelpful. Frequently, we are unaware of our unhelpful coping mechanisms and we often soldier on, as though there are no other options. These patterns are often being reinforced outside our awareness, making them difficult to break even if we are aware of them. You will learn how to recognise your own unhelpful coping mechanisms, how to spot when you are self-sabotaging, as well as implement more effective coping strategies. The aim is to expand your range of options, so that you can make constructive choices and gain more control over your life. 

Mindfulness skills

Mindfulness skills are a foundation stone in life. With practice, mindfulness enables us to develop an inner core of strength that acts as an internal, calming anchor. It also builds self-awareness, which in turn makes it easier for us to access our wise mind.  Finally, mindfulness teaches us how to live in the present and reduce stress.

Learning to recognise what we need to maintain our wellbeing

This module is about the importance of compassion, self-care, looking after yourself in a holistic way and the importance of building positive events into your life. Without this, you are in danger of slipping into bad habits that deplete you and cause you to become unhappy. Ultimately, when this happens you become unproductive. This is because you are at your most productive when you are happy - in fact, when you are happy, being productive can feel effortless.  We will look at why balance is so important, what sabotages this, and the skills that are needed to maintain a balance so you can build a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle.

Learning to recognise the importance of having a vision for yourself and how to go about getting it

In this module you will learn the importance of having a vision of what you want. You will learn how to construct that vision and shape it into something realistic through a series of questions. You will then learn how to take ownership of that vision by breaking it down into realistic steps.

Be My Best integrates proven techniques from Western psychological models and insights from Eastern spiritual practices into a comprehensive framework. In our small bespoke workshops these skills are taught in a fun, interactive manner so that participants are equipped with life-long capacities.

“Be My Best is dedicated to changing lives, one person at a time.”


Dr Siobhan Blackwell