Why join us?

Be My Best resilience training helps you develop:

  • Confidence in your ability to trust in your own resources to meet life’s challenges

  • The capacity to recognise your emotional needs and take responsibility for fulfilling them 

  • The ability to be still and in the present

  • The capacity to develop good personal boundaries so you don’t take on what you should not carry

  • The self-awareness to recognise when you are repeating destructive patterns; having the option to choose more effective behaviours; being loyal to yourself whilst maintaining good relationships 

  • The ability to recognise the importance of compassion with yourself as well as with others

  • The ability to manage stress and therefore improve the quality of your life

  • An understanding of the importance of achieving balance in your life and the ability to implement this

  • Skills to recognise and manage self-destructive thoughts

  • Skills to face the challenges in your life in a straightforward way 

  • The ability to recognise and understand what triggers your emotional state so you can manage yourself, find effective solutions to your problems as well as keep yourself energised and motivated

  • A willingness to learn from your stumbles and failures

  • An increased sense of self-worth

“I believe passionately that through mental-fitness training, we can unlock the potential of any young person”

Dr Siobhan Blackwell