Dr Siobhan Blackwell

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Director

Siobhan trained on the Oxford doctorate of clinical psychology and has over 20 years post-qualification experience working with both young people and adults, in the NHS and private practice. She currently works at The Cardinal Clinic in Windsor and founding Be My Best has been driven by her encounters with a wide variety of very capable individuals, whose lives have nevertheless done off track because they lack the appropriate skills.

She is passionate and committed to equipping young people with the right mind-management skills early in life, when they most need them. 


Dr Rose Aghdami

Chartered Psychologist & Resilience Specialist

International Director

Rose trained in clinical psychology in Switzerland, where she worked with adolescents for some years before returning to the UK. Her doctoral thesis was on the benefits of developing resilience skills. She worked for 10 years as a chartered psychologist at The Cardinal Clinic, equipping highly successful professionals with resilience skills to enable them to thrive in highly pressurised environments. She is a sought-after speaker to businesses and at international conferences on the value of resilience to prevent psychological difficulties.

"Resilient people know how to thrive under pressure and deal with whatever life throws at them. These skills can be learnt - the earlier in life, the better, and they last for life. Resilience is one of the most valuable qualities you can have."

Dr Rose Aghdami